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Between centuries sixteen and eighteen, thousands of French Protestants or Huguenots were forced  to flee their country to escape religious persecution by the Roman Catholic Church with government approval and encouragement. Many 'Wars of Religion' were fought and many  lives were lost.  Many of earliest known Roberts family ancestors were among these emigrants that fled across the border into Switzerland and later to America.

Read more about: "The French Huguenots".

The extent of our current knowledge base for the Roberts Family Tree begins with JEHAN ROBERT in the 1400's, in the town of Le Locle, Neufchatel, Switzerland. Included are seven generations of direct descendants of Jehan Robert leading up to the Reverend Pierre Robert.  In 1686 Pierre became the first of our ancestors to leave Switzerland and lead his family to America to begin a new life. This information indicates that our Roberts family ancestors were already in Switzerland many years prior to the "Wars of Religion" in France (1562-1598)

South Carolina's recorded history begins in the mid 1500s, when Europeans first arrived, though the area had been inhabited long before then. The Cherokee Nation was prominent in the area at the time that Europeans first arrived. Even though the French and Spanish were attracted to the coast of South Carolina in the 16th century, it was the English who established the first sustained European settlement, near present-day Charleston.

The earliest Robert family members established their homes primarily in the Beaufort District and Berkeley County South Carolina areas and various other French and British settlements in the state.  Future generations saw migrations to many parts of the country with a large representation in Florida and other southern states.  The first indication of the name change (Robert to Roberts) occurs in the mid 1700's with the family of John Robert.

The tree continues up through present day following a specific, direct Roberts bloodline with branches to other indirect family members. The process is of course ongoing and never ending and will eventually include many other paths. We hope the information proves to be a source of interest and enjoyment to members of our family for many years to come. 

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Jerry Sauls is an accomplished Professional Visual Artist and Internet Web Master and the son of Margie Roberts Sauls. This project began with a box of old family documents passed on from Margie to Jerry in 2003.  Jerry's interest peaked while studying the documents and investigating further utilizing other resources and Internet research. The result was the beginning of the "Roberts Family Tree".   The site has more than doubled in size between 2003 and 2006 and will, no doubt,  continue to grow.

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